About Website

The objective of this website is to offer analysis of Canadian current affairs and topics from a multicultural point of view.

Most of the analysis available in Canada today is backed up by deep knowledge and vast experience of the respective authors. However, as far as direct experience is concerned, it is limited to Canada, and to a certain degree, the USA. In an increasingly multicultural society of Canada, it is desirable to introduce analysis and perspectives from a multi-cultural viewpoint.

Of equally crucial importance is the very definition of ‘multiculturalism’. Currently, the accepted notion is that different cultures existing side by side, or in close proximity to each other, constitute a multicultural society. This definition is useful, but inadequate.

Another useful way of defining ‘multiculturalism’ is to envisage a society where its individual members are able to occupy more than one cultural space. Necessarily, this entails going beyond token measure such as cuisine, or participation in festivals. If we can include the lived reality of a foreign culture into mainstream discourse, we will have moved one step closer to fulfilling the definition of a multicultural society.

This website will endeavor to do that, in the various pieces of commentary on Canadian affairs, through written articles as well as video discussions.

This website also does not seek to advance any ideological viewpoints, or promote any identity-based narrative. While entertaining and indeed encouraging diversity of views and thoughts, this website will make every endeavor to remain objective and unbiased.

The primary objective of this website is to enhance the debate in Canada about issues of common interest.